Thursday, December 29, 2016

Make it an Adventure with PanPastels

Hello creative friends!  I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas full of festivities and love.  Are you getting ready for the New Year?  I know that I am...  2017 is starting with the selling of my home, the Fun Stampers Journey "Lead with Heart" conference, and them packing and moving to Virginia!!!! So, this card says it all, Make it an Adventure!
I have had my PanPastels for almost 6 months and have not shown them the love the deserve.  To remedy that, I pulled them out this morning and gave them some much needed love!! 
If you haven't gotten any of these yet, you sooooo need them!  They are so smooth and creamy and spread just like butter, and blend together beautifully.  These are the 2 sets I used on this card.

Mother Nature PanPastels

Party Pop PanPastels
 I created the background using the blues from the Party Pop set and the olive green from Mother Nature set.  The dots are Orange Rave Silk, I can't get enough of our Silks, EVERYTHING is better with Silk!  See the variegation on the sea weed?.... can you say eraser?!!!  Yes, you can erase PanPastels to create depth!!!  You would have thought?!!!
Sooooo, I hope each and everyone of you have a Happy New Year, and to choose to look at 2017 as a new Adventure!
Have and Amazing Day!
Here are links to the products used in this card: